Our primary purpose is to work for the betterment of the Republican Party in Frederick County, Maryland.

On behalf of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you for your conscientious and dedicated efforts supporting Republican principles and effecting unimaginable results. Thank you to all the candidates that stepped up and ran amazing races and congratulations to our many newly elected Republicans. All Republicans can bask in our amazing victories, locally, statewide, and nationally. Honestly, I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s not a dream. The will of the voters has been heard throughout this great nation.

Maryland wasn’t even on the Party’s radar six months ago, but Larry Hogan won a colossal victory as our next Governor in the bluest of blue states. Beyond that, we picked up a record number of State Delegate seats now totaling – 50. We also now have 14 State Senate seats and 4 newly elected County Executives. Throughout our state we have 179 Republicans and 118 Democrats in county and local seats. The tide is indeed changing. The conservative mind-set is starting to take shape.

Here in Frederick County, we had many competitive races and yet it is certain that Republicans will hold a majority on the new County Council. A super majority is still in the offing pending the provisional ballots and the second round of absentee ballots yet to be counted. In a race that is often overlooked by many, we made great strides against the BOE Apple ballot sponsored by the union. The union spent thousands upon thousands of their dues paying members’ dollars to promote their handpicked candidates and agenda. To date, it appears only one of their candidates will take a seat on the BOE. For the first time as far back as 1980 a sitting Judge (an O’Malley appointee) has been defeated (did not check records earlier than 1980).

Without the hundreds of volunteers who gave of their time, talents, and treasure, these results would not have been possible. Even after some devastating primary defeats, those that didn’t make it through the primary jumped on board with other campaigns to elect Republicans. Unity was the driving force and motivator that brought us to these victorious results.

Let us celebrate and revel in our victories for a few short days and then gear up for more tough battles in 2016. We have much more to accomplish.