Candidate Services

It is the intent of the Central Committee to recruit, train, and offer support to assist those that might be thinking about running for office.  Below is a listing of some of the services available.


  • Posting of events on the FCRCC Facebook page
  • Posting of candidate events on the FCRCC website
  • Postings in the FCRCC monthly Newsletter
  • Training and access to the GOP Data Center
  • Links to campaign finance manual for candidates and treasurers
  • Confidential meeting with the Central Committee or a private meeting with a member to discuss running and concerns
  • Links to Government listings of races, districts, and requirements for races
  • Email blasts from the Central Committee with updates of events for all candidates.
  • Candidate training classes
  • A strong “get out the vote” effort

Most of the Central Committee members have experience with running campaigns and have had campaign training themselves. Please feel free to take advantage of what we have learned and are eager to pass on to promote and get Republicans elected.

If you would like to speak in confidence with the Central Committee or one on one with a committee member email